Open Up

We have to talk....

Alright, let’s cut to the chase – ‘We have to talk’ usually sends shivers down your spine, right? Well, not anymore! Welcome to the world of OpenUp, where ‘we have to talk’ is what you’ll want to say. Our app isn’t just about breaking the ice – it’s about melting it, setting it on fire, and dancing around the bonfire of engaging conversations. Dive into OpenUp and turn awkward silences into ‘Remember when we talked about…’ moments

... hate phones?

Love deep talks but hate phones? Say no more. Our OpenUp card game is your ticket to becoming the conversation maestro in real life. No screens, no swiping, just good old-fashioned face-to-face (remember that?) banter. Perfect for those who love the art of conversation and have an allergy to small talk. Whip out these cards and watch ‘um, so…’ turn into ‘OMG, that’s so true!